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Our Research Areas

The main research areas of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at TED University are; wireless communicationsbeyond 5G communication techniquesmachine learningterrestrial and underwater wireless networksinternet of things, radar & antenna systemsphotonic crystalsnanofabrication techniquesoptical communicationrobotic control systemsswarm systems, and game theory. The table below shows the active research interests of our faculty members.

Prof. Ali Nezih GuvenEnergy, Analysis of Power Systems, Power Transmission and Distribution, Protection Systems, Renewable Energy.
Asst. Prof. Aykut YildizRobotic Systems, Swarm Theory, Game Theory, Control Systems, Autonomous Vehicles, Opinion Dynamics, Radar Signal Processing.
Asst. Prof. Cicek Boztug YerciNanoelectronics, Nanofabrication, Photonics, Semiconductor Based Optoelectronic Devices, Silicon Photonics, CMOS Compatible Infrared Light Sources.
Prof. Erdem YazganHF Propagation, Low Altitude Radar Systems, Mobile Communications, MIC’s, Reflector and Microstrip Antennas, Gaussian Beam Solutions, Conformal Mapping, Satellite Communication, Medical Electronics.
Assoc. Prof. Javad HaghighatWireless Communications, Information Theory and Coding, Digital Signal Processing, Multiple Access Schemes, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer, Machine learning for Wireless Communications, DNA Storage Systems.
Assoc. Prof. Huseyin Ugur YildizWireless Communications and Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks, Internet of Things, Smart Grids, Optimization.
Asst. Prof. Kurtulus Erinc AkdoganSignal Processing, Biomedical, Biomechatronics, Embedded Systems.
Assoc. Prof. Muhsin Caner GokceFree-Space Optical Communication, Optical Wireless Communication, Laser Beam Propagation, Channel Modelling, Optical Modulation, Optical Turbulence.
Asst. Prof. Serkan SahinLaser Communications and LIDAR Systems, Beam Propagation in Atmospheric Turbulence and in Free Space, Scattering of Light Beams, Optics.