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Program Outcomes

Students graduating from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at TEDU will be able to

  1. Apply the knowledge of electrical and electronics engineering, mathematics and science to engineering problems.
  2. Apply appropriate IT technologies and relate to at least one computer programming language.
  3. Communicate effectively in English and Turkish, orally and in writing, as individuals and multi-disciplinary teams in a professional, ethical and responsible manner.
  4. Design and conduct experiments, and collect, analyze and interpret data.
  5. Identify, model and solve engineering problems through utilizing modern techniques, skills and tools.
  6. Design a system, component or process, using engineering design processes, to meet desired specifications within real-life constraints, such as economic, sustainability and environmental factors.
  7. Recognize contemporary issues, and social, cultural, global, environmental and ethical responsibilities as an engineer.
  8. Respect personal, social and cultural differences in professional practice and function effectively in multidisciplinary teams.
  9. Engage in life-long learning that keeps abreast of professional and personal development.
  10. Manage personal and professional affairs effectively, through problem solving, entrepreneurial and time-management skills.
  11. Recognize project management, risk management and change management issues.